Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What is Sin?

  Orthodox Christianity teaches that man has fallen, that we are totally depraved. They say that we sin because Adam sinned and his nature is passed onto his descendants. While it is true that Adam sinned and the human race is fallen, it is not for the reason that orthodoxy teaches. It was not Adam's sin that was passed on to us; it was his death sentence that was imputed to us. Let's pluck another petal off of the Calvin TULIP doctrine, we are not totally depraved, we are totally mortal; born into the dying process. We fail to hit the mark because we are weak and dying!

  We will look at Adam's disobedience and it's affect on the human race and we will look at several biblical definitions of sin. As always, let us not guess or stumble on religious tradition, let's jump right into the scriptures!